Planting the Seeds for Tomorrow

Parents and teachers share the same goals for students; they want each individual to do their best. This will happen when parents and teachers work together. To help us see our future a little more clearly and understand our roles in shaping it, Kingston College hosted an event where Keynote Speakers Dr. Asghar Nadeem Syed and Adeel Hashmi had an opportunity to talk to parents and teachers. Both personalities have dedicated their lives to learning and being a guiding candle for the youth of Pakistan. Parents had a chance to discuss thought-provoking questions with the speakers and realised how best to guide their children for the future.


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2018-1-13 2018-1-13 Asia/Tashkent Planting the Seeds for Tomorrow Kingston college invites you to Open House. Learn everything about Kingston College by meeting the Principal, Counselors & Teachers. Family fun activities, curriculum discussions, classroom tours, games, food & a lot more awaits you. 1 – Upper Canal, Jallo, LHR.
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