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State-of-the-Art classrooms

Kingston College classrooms are designed keeping in mind the global educational and academic standards. Our classrooms are spacious and fully air-conditioned having smart, interactive whiteboards with internet connectivity. We make sure that our students get the best out of each lesson that they learn in class.

Medical Facility

We believe that it is our duty to look after the health of every child. For this reason, we have an immaculate in-house medical facility with renowned doctors and nurses that are available at all times. Our caring medical staff will ensure that your child remains fit and healthy.


High Class Cafeteria

We know that an active and energetic student needs hygienic and nutritious diet. Kingston College’s large and spacious cafeteria offers fresh and healthy food that keeps your child’s energy level on the higher side. Young students can enjoy their favorite meals and drinks in a refreshing environment.

High-Tech Science Labs

At Kingston College, we provide unmatched academic facilities. We offer modern IT, robotics and science labs with latest equipment to ensure that all students avail the opportunity to learn complex scientific concepts through experiment and experience.



Kingston College knows that reading augments not only a child’s imagination but also his/her creative skills. Reading from an early age is a habit that helps students to read beyond textbooks. It allows them to learn more and broadens the horizon of their intellectual faculties. Kingston has a library that is stocked with the latest reading materials. Our library covers topics such as history, literature, science and arts.

Fire Safety Measures

For us safety is of foremost importance. We have a complete fire safety system that include smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to deal with any emergency or accident.


High End Security

At Kingston, our first priority is to ensure that our students are safe. Our comprehensive security system is designed keeping in mind the security conditions of our country. Our advanced safety measures include hydraulic road blocker, security walls, CCTV Cameras, alarms and security guards.